The Ducey administration awarded Google a no-bid, $24 million contract after he recruited a related company, Waymo, to bring hundreds of jobs to the state.

When Gov. Doug Ducey was looking to bolster the state’s technology industry five years ago, he courted self-driving car companies.

Part of his pitch included an executive order that, among other things, allowed the experimental technology to operate on public roadways in the state. 

Alphabet Inc., best known as the parent company of Google, soon brought its Waymo subsidiary to Chandler. It has placed up to 400 driverless vehicles around metro Phoenix, created several hundred jobs and opened a technical service center in Mesa.

Waymo benefited from Arizona’s looser regulations.

Ducey benefited, too. He touted the big tech win, tweeting upon Waymo’s arrival in April 2016 that it was “another sign that Arizona is on the cutting-edge when it comes to innovation.”