Part-Time Vs Per Diem Nursing Job In Mississippi

Part time vs per diem: What should I choose? |

Nursing jobs nowadays open a lot of opportunities for nurses who want to pursue their careers but also want to balance the responsibilities they have. Part-time and per diem nursing jobs nearby Mississippi

are already being offered to nurses who want to practice their profession but cannot commit to full-time. Let’s take a look at the differences between part-time vs per diem nursing jobs in Mississippi to weigh which one fits you best. 

Part-Time Vs Per Diem Defined

Part-time means being given a fixed number of hours, that may be half of a few hours from the full-time schedule. You have to report at a fixed time and log out at the same time and duty is done 5 to 6 days a week. It is like having a regular schedule. The only difference is you only work for a few hours and not a full shift. Per Diem, on the other hand, means you only work as needed. For instance, per diem nurses are asked to report if a medical facility needs a replacement for nurses who have an emergency and will be gone for a day or two. 

Part-Time Vs Per Diem: What Should I Choose?

Choosing between the two takes you to consider some points to know which is really for you. You can ask yourself the following questions, so you can decide which is which:

Do I Need a Guaranteed Income Weekly?

Guaranteed income means you can compute how much you will earn in a week. If the answer to this question is yes, then part-time work could be a good choice. Part-time nurses may work a few hours per shift, but they have a regular schedule unlike per diem, where they can have work today, and they can be free tomorrow. Therefore, pay is not guaranteed. 

Does the Per Diem Rate provide the Income I Need?

Per diem pay is usually higher than the regular rate. The reason is obvious. Per diem nurses cannot get full-time schedules all year round. Therefore, getting paid higher can compromise the loss of time. However, per diem nurses are usually handled by a travel nurse agency, and they usually make sure that their nurses won’t be vacant for a long time. Rates are discussed upon application, you can tell if your payment can be able to provide the income you need. If you think it can, then the per diem job is for you. 

Is it okay with me to be available more often, if I choose to be a Per Diem Nurse?

You are more familiar with the activities you are involved in. If you are a person who loves doing your passion and getting enough income, it is fine. Then a per diem job could be perfect for you since the flexibility of work is good enough for you to plan what you can do while you are free. But if you are the type of nurse who is used to getting a fixed day off and is able to balance and do all the stuff you need to do during your day off, then part-time work can be ideal for you. 

Is Per Diem Good For Nurses?

Nurses have different individual needs. Some nurses may find per diem jobs an opportunity to have work and life balance and some may not. That is why it is wise to ask the above questions and evaluate which one is better for you. 

How Much More Does A Per Diem Nurse Make?

The average rate a per diem nurse can earn is $30 to $40 per hour. This can increase depending on their location, experience, and expertise. Plus, overtime if they need to extend their shift and night differential if they work at night. Per diem pay is usually higher than regular pay. 

Is Working Per Diem Worth It?

If you are a person who wants to have flexibility in pursuing your career and passion, then, per diem can be worth it. As a per diem nurse, you can also have other opportunities, such as becoming a per diem travel nurse. You can travel and work at the same time. Being a per diem nurse can also make you free of commitment. You can work when you want, and you can rest if you think you need it. Flexibility is the main advantage in a per diem job. 

So if you’re weighing between a part-time vs per diem nursing job In Mississippi better evaluate what you really desire, and you can come up with a final decision that you won’t regret.