Earlier Ukrainian forces conducted a successful offensive in south of Ukraine

Before Ukrainian forces carried out a prosperous offensive in south of Ukraine

In the South Buh region, right after suffering losses as a outcome of offensive actions by Ukrainian units, the enemy took up defenses in unfavorable positions in close proximity to the village of Kostromka.

The Russian invaders also shelled civilian infrastructure in the parts of the settlements of Lymany, Stepova Dolyna, Luch, Partyzany, Chervoniy Yar, Trudoliubivka, and others.

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“In purchase to make up for the losses, the enemy is reinforcing the group with obsolete weapons and navy equipment, in specific, T-62 tanks and BMP-1 infantry preventing cars,” the report claims.

The General Team additional that the enemy had not carried out an energetic offensive functions in the Kurakhove, Novopavlivka and Zaporizhzhya areas.

In its place, the enemy has been firing on civilian infrastructure together the front line.

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The scenario in the Bessarabia spot has not improved appreciably, the Standard Staff members explained.

Russia’s war against Ukraine goes into its fourth month. 


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