What to Look For in Purchasing Wholesale Cushion Diamonds

Buying a Cushion Cut Diamond – Ascot Diamonds

When you are  planning to purchase wholesale cushion diamonds, you have to be familiar with diamond factors and prices. Having knowledge on the diamonds you want to have will be a wise move if you want to get high quality cushion diamonds. So here are some tips that can aid you in getting the right diamond to sell. 

What is a Cushion Cut Diamond?

Diamond comes in many shapes and one of these is called the cushion cut. Cushion cut diamonds are square shaped diamonds with rounded corners that look like a pillow, that’s why it’s called the cushion cut. It was a popular shape 200 years ago and still shines until the 20th century but is being loved by women until now. Cushion cut engagement rings are still on trend up to now.  

Characteristics of a Cushion Cut Diamonds

Cut Guide for Cushion Diamonds

To have a perfect cushion cut diamond, it should fit a standard measurement for its dimensions. An excellent diamond cushion cut would have the following dimensions:

  • Table % = 61 -67 

To get the measurement of the table, divide the width of the table by the width of the entire diamond. The table is the flat uppermost surface of the diamond. 

  • Depth =61-67

The depth of the diamond is the length between the culet and the table viewed from the side. The formula in getting the depth of the diamond is dividing the depth of the diamond by the width of the diamond. 

  • Girdle= Very Thin to slightly thick 

The girdle is the meeting point of the crown and the pavilion. 

  • Culet=None  

Culet is the tip of the bottom of the diamond, this can affect the entrance of light to the diamond. 

Color Guide for Cushion Cut Loose Diamond

Colorless diamonds are the first preference of a customer. If a diamond has a color tint on it the prices are lowered, since the true color diamond is more reflected if it has less body color. Diamond color are graded according to the following:

  • D,E,F=Colorless
  • G, H, I, J= Nearly Colorless
  • K, L, M= Faint Yellow
  • N, O, P = Very Light Yellow
  • S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z =Light Yellow 

For cushion cut diamonds D, E, F, G is recommended, these categories of diamonds are expensive but customers still prefer it since it can maximize the reflection of the cushion cut diamonds. Colors can also be based depending on the carat weight of the diamond for instance for 1 carat cushion cut diamond, the recommended color would be D to F. 

Guide for Clarity of Cushion Cut Diamond

Clarity of a diamond always counts a  lot. The more flawless the better but more expensive. For cushion cut diamonds FL-VS2 is recommended. However, clarity can also depend on your customer’s choice and budget. Inclusions of diamonds are not so visible on the naked eye will be a good option too. 

Other factors to Consider for Wholesale Cushion Diamonds

Wholesale Diamond Prices

Comparing prices can be a wise move when it comes to purchasing cushion cut diamonds ,remember that not all more affordable prices are better. Check on prices as well as details of the cushion cut diamonds. Make sure to also check on the quality of the diamonds and compare it with the prices if one offers a better price with good quality of course. 

Check on Company’s Background 

It is good to check on a company’s website to check on the reviews done by preview customers to check in the customer service ratings.It can help you decide which one of your choices will be best. Getting information about the company’s legalities can also be a good step, since we are talking about diamond certifications that are important to look into. This way you will know if they are indeed legit. 
You can use these guides in buying wholesale cushion diamonds. Be familiar with the basics of diamonds so you can choose the best cushion cut diamonds you can get. Make sure that they can issue certificates for your diamond purchase, this can prove the authenticity of the diamonds that you will be selling. With all the details given I’m pretty sure you can get the best  wholesale cushion diamonds in Dallas.